Namings, Welcomings & Baptisms

A special moment for new life
Leicester Unitarians
Namings, Welcomings, Baptisms

Celebrating new arrival

Your child needs a name thoughtfully given, a welcome from the family and the blessing of your community. Your child needs the open expression of your love and your commitment to its future. When a new life is celebrated in a Unitarian chapel, we affirm the inherent worth of that person and his or her potential for making a difference in the world. Any notion of inherited sinfulness or institutional authority over this life is alien to our way of thinking and acting.

However, a welcoming ceremony isn’t exclusively for infants and may also include a family-making occasion following an arrival of an adoptive child to your family.

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Further Information

For more information please contact our minister or download the Unitarian Namings leaflet below.


Schedule of fees

Our general hire and ceremony costs are very competitive. The fees are design to cover certain compulsory legal costs (weddings), the running cost of the chapel, and support the dedicated work of the minister or a celebrant, while striving to be fair towards you. This commitment allows us to maintain our special place for your special moments.

See below for full breakdown of costs