Past Events

Leicester Unitarians

Covid-19 Lockdown meant many of our normal events were cancelled. However, this page contains a record of just some of the events that were organised by the Leicester Unitarians throughout the year. These are events that are open to members of the general public who are very welcome to join us. For more information on our upcoming events visit our What’s On page.

Light in the Darkness

Great Meeting successfully hosted the evocative installation ‘Light in the Darkness’ created by Leicester based Greek born artist George Sfougaras, as a response to the fragments of the triptych ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ by Johannes Matthaeus Koelz, part of Leicester Museums & Galleries German Expressionism collection. It linked the plight of refugees, past and present, to the horror and destruction of war.

Photographs, projected against the inside of a tent which was a replica of those used in refugee camps, showed displaced people, many of whom who lost their lives. Amongst the loved ones shown are African, Jewish, Armenian and Greek people from Turkey, the latter being members of the artist’s own family. A sound track in the background added to the atmosphere.

The comments book showed how much the installation had moved and stimulated the visitors: moving, thought provoking, haunting, evocative, beautiful and enriching were amongst the words written down.

Huge thanks to George Sfougaras and his team for putting on such a remarkable and immersive event. Click on this YouTube link for more about the exhibition with interview with George Sfougaras by BBC Radio Leicester’s Ben Jackson. 

Tea in the Garden, Ride and Stride, Heritage Open Day

Every year scores of visitors enjoy the Open Days in spring and autumn and the ‘Tea in the Garden’ in September and are able to enjoy tea and cakes, guided tours, and relaxation with live music in our shady garden, as part of Heritage Open Week.

Chapel Garden Events – City of Sanctuary

Leicester Unitarians hosted two groups in the Chapel garden during the Covid restrictions. ‘City of Sanctuary’ held a session for the distribution of essential items such as toiletries once per week for asylum seekers and refugees, and ‘After 18’ held small group, open air, social and activity meet-ups for their young clients three times per week. We are pleased to have been of help to these organisations whohad difficulty finding a suitable space for their activities during the lockdown.

Mobile Covid Vaccination Centre

Covid jabs have been given to more than 100 homeless people in the city, thanks to a GP practice working with ‘harder to reach’ communities. We were very pleased to host a weekend Covid vaccination programme in our car park, run by Inclusion Healthcare, for asylum seekers, refugees and the homeless. Photos show the mobile vaccination centre.

Click to read full report in Leicester Live.