Our People

Leicester Unitarians

We are a stable and active congregation of 30+ like-minded people who meet regularly for Sunday worship and social events such as lunches, musical events and open days. We value a commitment to non-dogmatic liberal religion, inclusivity and social justice.

Our diverse congregation includes liberal Christians, theists, religious humanists, agnostics, and those whose primary identification of faith is Buddhist or Hindu. We unite in our belief that we should accept each other as we are, that life cannot be measured in purely physical or scientific terms, and that there is a necessary spiritual dimension to human existence.

Our approach

We accept that people may come to our services and activities for a while, or intermittently, and then move on… that is absolutely fine! We would only hope to have been of help with a person’s journey through life in their time of “in-between”, of spiritual searching. Having said that, many of our congregation have been loyal and active members for decades, even from childhood.

You will never have to ‘sign up’, just come along, sit in and try us out!

The Chapel is a registered charity (number 1046150) and is managed on independent, democratic lines with one-member-one-vote for major decisions. We are financially independent. The day to day management is directed by an elected committee who are also the trustees. We are affiliated to the London-based ‘General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches’, who provide us with invaluable support, training opportunities and information.